Nicole Betters with her dogs

Nicole Betters

The Founder & Principal

A successful litigator now practicing real estate law, Nicole brings over seventeen years of legal experience to her clients, including several as an associate in Big Law. Her background practicing law in a variety of industries gives her a broad frame of reference, while her years as a litigator gives her an edge both in and out of the courtroom. Smart, strategic, and analytical, Nicole is able to consider legal matters from a business perspective, deftly navigating challenging transactions, managing risk, anticipating potential lawsuits, and protecting client interests.

Though Nicole’s legal credentials are compelling, her practice is truly distinguished by the responsive, personal attention she provides to each client. As the sole point of contact for every case, no matter the size, Nicole thoroughly understands her clients’ goals and respects the significance of their matters. She leaves the stuffy legal culture to the competitors, striving instead to deliver excellent customer service while translating complex legal concepts into clear, meaningful advice.

The customer focus of Betters Law Firm reflects Nicole’s personal commitment to justice and compassion. Outside her practice, Nicole is dedicated to animal rescue and advocacy, teaches English to adult, immigrant learners, and volunteers as the Newsletter Chair for WinDS, Women in Diversified Services.

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